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Charlie Aitken, Managing Director of CA Heat Pumps, has worked within the heat pump industry for several years and has been involved with the design, supply and installation of numerous different heat pump systems throughout the country on both a commercial and domestic basis. Systems installed range from small domestic 4kW heating only applications, through to 110kW heating and cooling heat pump installations for commercial premises. Installation of heat pumps is not difficult but it is in the design and application of the system where experience is crucial.

Working within the industry for many years and seeing it grow rapidly in the UK, CA Heat Pumps recognised the importance for a more informative, friendly and honest approach to the installation of these systems with customer understanding of the project, a priority. CA Heat Pumps has installed for many of the major manufacturers and used various ground loop arrays including horizontal collectors, drilled loop arrays, pond loops and open loop systems. CA Heat Pumps can advise on the best system and most suitable heat pump for your property.

CA Heat Pumps is not dedicated to any one supplier and will endeavour to source and offer advice on the most suitable heat pump for a particular installation. CA Heat Pumps can supply the complete design and installation package to provide peace of mind to the client. Services include:

Design, supply and installation of ground loops, including boreholes, associated manifolds and circulation pumps. Design, supply and installation of the heat pump and hot water system together with the purging and commissioning of that system. Design, supply and installation of an underfloor heating system including the supply and installation of insulation suitable for underfloor heating. Suitable screeders to enable the entire underfloor system to be installed by one contractor. With no two installations the same it is vital to have that experience and understanding of heat pump technology which is given by CA Heat Pumps.

CA Heat Pumps will provide the most efficient and complete system for your property and will also guide you through other aspects of the application for this renewable heating technology which may not otherwise have been considered.

If you require any additional information on the services that CA Heat Pumps is able to offer then please contact us… click here!